Goal Setting Tips from Author Harry Warrick

From his new book Light Your Fire Now Harry Warrick shares a message about powerful goal setting.

Light Your Fire Now by Author Harry Warrick

The art of Goal Setting in the book

Setting goals are something most people think about only on New Year’s Day. However many people think about setting goals with their spring cleaning efforts. If you want to master the art of Goal Setting, then you must learn what makes goals really work. Goals are effective only when they have meaning for you. In order to have great goals that motivate you and almost force you to take action, you must create goals that link to your dreams.

In my recent book Light Your Fire Now I outline this simple three-step process for you. My focus with the book was to create a powerful, proven process that anyone could use to turn their dreams into reality. As a leader and manager in the Fortune 500 working with many people over the years who wanted to improve themselves, I have mastered this system. Once I mastered it in my own life I tested this process time and again with employees, helping them change their JOB (just over broke) into real careers and start to live the life of dreams.

The process is simple to learn and creates a dramatic impact on your personal, and even professional success.  By giving your goals the force of impact of your dreams, and making the pursuit of those dreams a reality you can effectively change your life, very quickly.

I used this process (in its earliest form) in the early 1990’s I had taken Martial Arts for a number of years and only earned my 2nd Degree black belt. Which for most styles meant I could not open my own dojo or school or train others on my own. I was already training students in my main dojo and I really enjoyed it so I wanted more. I also had a job working on an assembly line for a major manufacturer but I felt like my job would not lead to a career. So I determined I needed to earn some kind of certification to help me in my career. Just 8 months after writing down these goals I had my Certificate in electronics, and I was also a 3rd degree black belt. So even my first run at this process worked like magic.

Just a few short years later I would write my first book a goal everyone including close family would have thought an impossibility just months before. Now being honest that first book was not great. Informative sure, but readable, and mass marketable, oh no. But using my goal setting process, (the same one I teach you in Light Your Fire Now) I was able to literally write and self-publish my book in 30 days. Now, this was at a time where virtually no online publishing resources existed, there was no LULU, no Createspace, and even no Amazon. At the time eBay was even a new hot thing.

I then later would write a short book that would later be translated into 16 languages and shared around the World. That story for another day. The point that I am trying to get across to you dear reader is that this process works, it works like magic.

If goal setting is your focus, you want to learn to master the way to set realistic goals that fuel your drive and personal passion read the book that is starting that process for thousands read Light Your Fire Now by Harry Warrick.


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Harry Warrick is an author, artist, and trainer. His passions include helping others in their career and business efforts and sharing his unique knowledge of marketing and management with others. Harry also owns and operates 360 Mobile Video a cutting edge social media marketing company.
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