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How to get your name on artist name lists

One of the things every starving artist wants to know is how to get their name out, and on artist name list. How to get their art noticed, and appreciated. If you are new to the internet as a means of marketing your art. Great news it is now easier than every before to market and sell art online. Well that is the great news but it is also the bad news at the same time. Since it is so easy to do it is harder than ever to compete selling art online unless you have a plan. You need to have an integrated marketing approach much like those of major companies.

A wonderful thing is that this can still be done without spending a fortune or a great deal of time away from your art. These days if you are clever and learn how to use the many tools at your disposal you can get your art out there and your name as an artist visible to the World. One of the most important artist name list to be on these days are the search engines. The top two are Google and Bing. Mastering those takes a little effort but there are many secrets. Other artist name list are important but the search engines are key.

Do a little experiment in Google real quick for me right now. Search your name and add the word artist. It should appear like this “Your Name Artist” without the quotes. Take a look at your search results if you are not seeing your art linked in the first page of google and some of your art images on the first page of Google then you need to do some work. I am a guy that does not BS people so go ahead search Harry Warrick Artist as well and take a look.

What you will find with the search for my name is many of my recent artworks that are for sale on a number of websites. You will also find many of my paintings as images all over the google image search. As of today the top 3 sites that return for you with a google search are Fine Art America where I sell my art, Vida where some of my art sells on clothing and other items, and my own personal website where this article is being posted in my blog.

You also see my Facebook page which I recently started updating, and nine of my paintings images coming up first on the Google image search. There you will also find my Logo for my efforts online, and several of my books which hit bestseller status on Amazon. Now I sell my art on many sites and offer a great deal of art but my point is that you can become very visible as an artist online if you choose.

Some of the most important things you will learn to do is to create relevant content and back links to your art, and to you as an artist. This give you what Google likes to call authority. There is a similar process for Bing and other search engines as well. The order of what Bing returns is different but still the top 3 on Bind for the search term Harry Warrick Artist are my site, fine art america and my Facebook. The proof is in the pudding guys.

In order to make this work for yourself and get your name on artist name lists you have to get your art out there. Not only online on a site of your own, but on social media, and on several top tier artist sites online. Very soon I will be offering a course on how to sell your art online that shows all of the steps any artist, painter, or photographer needs to take to master the market these days with their art. The goal is to help artists go from starving artist status to thriving.

You need to have a plan to get on artist name list, and you must focus directly on the task at hand.



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