New Art Koi Pond

New Art Koi Pond from Artist Harry Warrick

This New Art is an original oil painting by Artist Harry Warrick. The painting shows the life, color, and movement of a seemingly living koi pond.

“I created this new art piece because of my love of the feeling that you get when you watch fish swim, and the ocean and streams move.” When painting I imagine myself actually in the scene, then also moving around in the third person. I find it is the only way to bring the proper perspective to the art. When people see my art I hope they too can journey into the paintings and enjoy the art from more than one perspective. This is why I create art that is mostly in the style of realism. I believe the eye of the artist is just a part of the equation. You the viewer or collector provide the most important role and that is of appreciation. Only through the perspective of your own human mind, with its unique and wonderful qualities can art truly become what is it supposed to be. A journey for the mind that transports someone from the everyday and commonplace to the World of dreams, without the need for sleep.

The art is part of the many paintings you can find online available as prints or even enjoyed on many various gift items. You can purchase a print on canvas, high-quality paper, metal, and even chose a frame. Everything is faithfully reproduced by Fine Art America. An art provider you can trust. They prepare and lovingly ship your chosen art to you, all with the artist’s permission and blessing.

To find this and many other works you can visit my online gallery at


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%Harry Warrick - %Author Artist and Trainer Harry Warrick
Harry Warrick is an author, artist, and trainer. His passions include helping others in their career and business efforts and sharing his unique knowledge of marketing and management with others. Harry also owns and operates 360 Mobile Video a cutting edge social media marketing company.
%Harry Warrick - %Author Artist and Trainer Harry Warrick

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