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New Oil Painting by Artist Harry Warrick

I hope everyone enjoys my New Art. In this painting I am remembering the long dirt roads of the amazing estates around Virginia. Then the trees themselves are larger scale to give the painting the feeling I had in my youth when seeing these amazing lanes that went to old historic homes across the south. It seems as if everything is remembered as being giant in your youth. Your perception is often scaled much more than your size in your younger years. This comes into play a lot as you age and visit places from the memories of your youth. They did something fun in a recent star wars movie. Artists made the Millenium Falcon spaceship look much smaller than it appeared earlier movies. When they did so it struck me immediately what the director of the film had done. As an artist, he had honored that feature of memory with how he displayed the spaceship in the minds of his older viewers. People like me that had watched the movies in their youth, and know were watching the films with the next generation.
This painting attempt to offer the same kind of feeling. Also while painting I was thinking about how sometimes in life we go a different way. We choose to take the road less traveled. Doing so as the old saying says is what indeed makes all the difference. More than a year ago now I was a manager working at a major bank in the Fortune 500. I loved working with the employees on my team and the others in the department. Wonderful people who cared not only about their customers but also about each other. It was an honor. Now I must confess working not only on my art but in my own business again while challenging is so rewarding.
Traveling down my own road less traveled is something I wish everyone had the opportunity to try. It is hard, stressful, challenging and not for everyone. At the same time, it is motivating, encouraging, and offers something you can never get as an employee. I hope the people who view this painting will take the time to walk down the lane, and enjoy the journey in your own mind. One day this painting will find a new home and be the escape for someone to use in their own special place. To travel down their personal road less traveled.
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%Harry Warrick - %Author Artist and Trainer Harry Warrick
Harry Warrick is an author, artist, and trainer. His passions include helping others in their career and business efforts and sharing his unique knowledge of marketing and management with others. Harry also owns and operates 360 Mobile Video a cutting edge social media marketing company.
%Harry Warrick - %Author Artist and Trainer Harry Warrick

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