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Harry Warrick

Harry Warrick is a business owner, author, artist, and marketing expert. He owns and operates 360 Mobile Video, a social media marketing company that operates online serving customers from around the nation and the world.

Mr. Warrick is a bestselling author that had published over 40 books most in the non-fiction and business categories. His work both in management for the Fortune 500 and in his own business has taught him many lessons that he loves sharing with others through his books, training, and 1-on-1 coaching.

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%Harry Warrick - %Author Artist and Trainer Harry Warrick

By Harry Warrick

Start Your Business

8 Steps To Success

Now available is the most powerful 8 step process to start your own business. With this process, you can start your business the right way. Do not make the mistakes other make.

Discover the process that has helped hundreds of business owners all over the United States.

This 8 step process makes everything easier.


Step 1 A Killer Business Plan

Your business plan matters. Think of a great business plan, like a detailed goals list, combined with financial planning and marketing strategy all on one plan.

The best business plan needs to address who your target market is and how you plan to reach them and serve them, what makes you unique in your marketplace, where that marketplace is, and how you will communicate that to your future customers. More than that, your business plan needs to look into the money with solid projections and ideas based on real research and realistic numbers.

Step 2 Funding

In a movie I love “The Right Stuff,” a character says “No Bucks No Buck Rogers.” For those that have not seen the film, this is a great movie about the first American astronauts and our great test pilots. In this scene, the character was informing another pilot about what makes the space program, and flight development work. That is funding.

Without funding, nothing will happen. For many of you, the first few rounds of funding will come from your own pocket. Most small businesses are started on a shoestring budget. A small budget that is sometimes just enough to get things going.

This book answers the tough questions in real language anyone can understand.

Step 3 Business Foundation

Your business foundation is all about your desired business structure and the legal steps you need to take to found your business. This includes determining your ideal business structure and set up for your short or long-term goals.

There are 3 different types of businesses we will talk about briefly in this step of the book.

Step 4 Mission and Message

Your mission and message matter. In order to write a mission statement that motivates your staff, captures your customer’s attention, and works well in marketing, you need to understand your customer, and your industry

This section of the book introduces you to the steps you need to take to get the best results.

Learn to craft your elevator message.
Your company mission statement.
Then so much more!

Step 5 Your Image

Your brand image makes all the difference in the world. We will talk about your company logo, your graphics, your social media pages, and so much more.

Step 6 Social Media

We started talking about your online image in the last chapter now you will learn just what you need to know. We focus on the largest social media site in the World Facebook. How to set up your business page, and how to establish a real following.

You will discover quickly how to create a following.

Step 7 Website Design

Website Design is essential because 80% of all people are using their cell phones or computers to find suppliers for their wants and needs.

I show you what you must do to succeed online including the basics of SEO.

Step 8 Advertising & Marketing

I now bring it all together to show you how to get your new brand image and message out to the World. It is essential to your business growth and success.

%Harry Warrick - %Author Artist and Trainer Harry Warrick

Other Books

%Harry Warrick - %Author Artist and Trainer Harry Warrick

Email List Secrets

Email List Secrets answers the call to help all business owners discover what it takes to build a successful marketing list for their business.
%Harry Warrick - %Author Artist and Trainer Harry Warrick

Mobile Marketing Tools

Now is your opportunity to learn from the mind of a marketing master that understands the impact of mobile marketing tools. You will discover how to reach customers on their phones and offer them your solution or service.
%Harry Warrick - %Author Artist and Trainer Harry Warrick

Social Media Authority Building

Social Media Authority Building is part art and part science. This book takes you by the hand and introduces you to the inside scoop on the best ways to build real World social authority and following.
%Harry Warrick - %Author Artist and Trainer Harry Warrick

Life’s Rule Book

21 Rules to live by. This book shows you some of the most important rules for success and happiness in life. This timeless wisdom draws on some of the greatest minds in human history and distills that information through a modern interpretation with our current understanding.

Harry’s books should be instant business and personal development classics. He bases his writing on real life examples and experience.

So many people base theirs on research or just clever writing ability not real skills.

I strongly encourage you to purchase his books and training courses to improve the quality of your professional and personal life.

Dr John Fields

I have written and published over 40 books and videos on the Martial Arts. I started writing the first best sellers in Martial Arts in the 1970s.

I have also created many training videos and programs. Harry Warrick’s books and training materials are some of the best you will find, anywhere at any price.

Ted Gambordella

Martial Arts Legend

If you are looking for great cutting edge information on success, and technology, you have come to the right place. We trust Harry Warrick as a lead instructor for our school, and as a thought leader.

If you want to master a new skill, or learn a way to quickly improve your life we recommend Harry Warrick’s books and training programs.

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