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If you plan to enter a car show or just turn heads everywhere you go these tips will help you get the most out of the look of your car.
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Car Show Ready Detailing

Auto Detailing: Tips on Prepping Your Car for a Show

If you plan to enter a car show or just turn heads everywhere you go these tips will help you get the most out of the look of your car.

One of the joys of owning a car is the opportunity to have them displayed at car shows. Aside from bringing together auto lovers and buyers, car shows are a privilege to receive recognition for all your hard work. There are things you can do to improve the chance of bringing home the trophy or at least turning people’s heads while showcasing your vehicle works.

Remove the rust
Prior to the car show, you’ll need to get rid of the rust from the vehicle. Use fine sandpaper to remove visible rust. Finish with cloth and combine the sanded area into the remaining body. Wash and rinse the area before applying an oxide conversion agent that neutralizes small rusts in hard to reach areas.
If the oxide conversion agent dries, buff the area with cloth and auto paint in thin layers.
Wax and Polish
Give your car a wash and wax treatment prior to the car show. Use car soaps and wash the car under a shade to prevent the sun’s heat from affecting your work.
If your car has minor scratches, apply polish first before the wax. Polish removes the top layer of the coat and leaves the paint less prone to fading or scratch. Apply wax after polishing in a single layer rubbing it with a microfiber cloth.
Tire Treatments
Judges are perfectionist about tires. Despite using the right tire for the model, tires must be new with several threads and no curb scuffs. For a better chance of winning, you can buy a new set of tires for car show use only and reserve your inexpensive tires for daily use.
Apply a tire cleaner that will allow the black rubber shine and take away any dirt that is stuck to the tires during transport.
Cleaning the Interiors
See to it that the interior of your car is clean and clutter free. Use leather agents on any leather upholstery and mild metal polish on steel accessories. Periodic vacuuming is necessary to remove the dust out of the seats and dashboard crevices.
The Engine Bay
Car show fanatics recommend cleaning the engine bay first to get much of the grease and dirt before you proceed to more delicate work. Engine bay needs a great deal of work. Apply degreaser to remove thoroughly the grease then add a metal polish to shine the material.
Use soft cloths to cover the fenders in front to prevent the paint job from any drop of grease or degreaser chemical.
Cleaning the interior glass is the last step in preparing your car for a show. Use glass cleaner and soft cloths to remove fingerprints and streaks visible on the window glass especially if the show is held under the heat of the sun.
Bring with a small cleaning kit during the show for touch-ups. The kit should include clean cloths, glass cleaner, mini vacuum, and tire polish.

Here is an old school secret.

When you are working on your windows you can use color newsprint to dry the window after cleaning the surface. There are ingredients in the ink that coat your window and provide a natural shine as you dry.

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Auto Detailing And Car Paint Imperfections Removal

Discover the secrets of proper auto detailing for your paint and exterior surfaces.

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Since your car paint is the initial most evident feature of your car, then you need to invest enough time caring and maintaining for it to keep it looking as if it is brand new. Sadly though, a lot of car owners have fell victim to faulty paint jobs that make your car end up looking cheap and wasted. To remedy that, there are auto detailing services that specialize in removing and correcting imperfections in your car paint.
Whether you are hiring a professional service for it or doing the fix yourself, below are some key information you need to know.
Use of Fine Compound
The use of the fine compound is often the default remedy for poor paint jobs. But before you proceed further, there are some scenarios wherein it is not allowed unless absolutely necessary. These include the following:
• wet spots and swirl marks
• micro-marring
• paint repair blending
• excessive sun exposure
• pitting from hard stones and sand
• poor paint surface finish
Careful Detailing for Car Paint
When detailing your car, the use of the right tools and products make a huge difference with the quality of results. But aside from the basic detailing materials, your hand is one of your best tools. Some automated detailing jobs can be too harsh as to cause damage to your car, more than you initially came in with.
Make sure you take proper notes when preparing your compound. This is especially useful in removing scratches and faulty paint jobs. Avoid masking off the trim for it will only increase your job significantly. Make sure to use compounds in the same way as you would a sandpaper and avoid applying more than 2′ by 2′ in a given area. But if you would like to stick with spot treatment for scratches or uneven paint, then try to focus application of compound within that given area.
Tips for Improved Compounding Results
If you want to enhance the overall quality of your car paint, you need to consider applying the following tips for better compounding results:
• Apply a slight brush of detailing spray onto the polishing pad since it will make applying the compound a lot easier and more precise. Just keep it damp (not wet) using one quick shot.
• When applying paint on sharp edges of your car, make sure to apply it thinly. Avoid using a compound in these areas.
• Use a dense foam applicator for the compound since it is much safer and easier to handle with better results.
• Avoid trying to lessen the appearance of any imperfection on the paint job, say a scratch. If it is not that noticeable, it would be better to leave it alone instead of ruining the entire paint jo
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Fine Polish and Finish
To completely eliminate any imperfections and give your car a new shine on its paint for a brand-new look, then you can add polish as the finishing touch. You need to understand though that this is done only for enhancement purposes but will not fix any imperfections on your car paint.
There are some basic hand car polishing techniques you need to learn to effectively perform this job. The main point behind car polishing is to create a finer texture on the paint surface prior to glazing. You won’t need a sealant or wax to reveal the natural gloss of the paint. The secret tool here is a high-quality foam applicator, which is very effective in buffing polish residue for a nearly perfect look. You will soon find out that it delivers a far more superior auto detailing result in the end.
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Auto Detailing Your Car Interior
Buying your very own car is a huge financial investment. Hence, it is very necessary to provide proper auto detailing to properly maintain it and ensure that all parts are in tip-top shape.
One common mistake that car owners commit though is to focus their maintenance care on the exterior and completely neglecting the interior of your vehicle. But detailing the interior is so simple that you can do it yourself at home; hence, saving you potentially thousands of dollars from not hiring a professional to do it on your behalf.
DIY Interior Auto Detailing
Car detailing is a simple procedure that requires no previous skill or expert knowledge. However, you need to follow proper instructions when doing your own interior auto detailing to ensure that the job is done correctly.
You need to start by gathering the tools and equipment you need to make the job easier. For your own benefit, come up with a checklist for all the essential tools you need before getting started to save yourself from the hassle and get the job done easily. The list of basic tools you need is outlined below.
Once you have the tools you need for the detailing job, then you must follow the step by step procedure (also outlined below) to achieve the same professional detailing results without the staggering costs.
Gathering Your Tools and Equipment
Most of the equipment or tools you need to perform this job are available in your household. Hence, there is no need to purchase them unless necessary or not readily available. The complete list of equipment you need are listed below:
• vacuum
• carpet shampoo and shampooer
• window cleaner
• brush
• microfiber towels
• leather cleaner
• detail spray, etc.
Step by Step Procedure
To get you started, you need to remove all loose particles from the vehicle’s compartment. Make sure it is free of any litter or foreign substances left behind, such as empty plastic bottles or cups, cigarette ashes, or any form of garbage. Once you have removed all visible litters, then you can take off the floor mat to begin cleaning out the interior.
Use detail spray to clean out the ashtray on your vehicle. If there are any unpleasant odors left behind, then you must use deodorizer. Use a compressor or microfiber cloth to eliminate any build-up of dust or air, especially in the air vents.
Then, power on your vacuum to ensure meticulous cleaning process and remove dust particles or other minute objects that are not easily visible to the naked eyes. Vacuum all parts of the vehicle’s interior – from the seats, seat cracks, headliner, floor, door panels, cup holders, etc.
In cleaning the seat covers and floor mats, make sure to remove it and wash it off separately using water and shampoo (or detergent). Once you have completely washed the car interior compartments, then you can put them back on for you to enjoy a seemingly brand new car interior.
Word of Warning
You need to understand that detailing is another form of maintenance care. Hence, this must not be done one-time only but on a regular basis to ensure that you can retain the same quality and appearance for your car’s interior as if it were brand new. However, interior auto detailing must be given equal priority as you would when caring for your exterior. In the end, you will benefit from it since you will enjoy comfort and longevity from your vehicle.
Auto Detailing FAQs
Most people who own a car knows a little something about how to take care of their car, especially when it comes to keeping that new and showroom shine on your automobile. However, keeping a car looking at its best requires a whole lot more than simply slapping on some high-quality wax on its finish and just buffing it. Keep in mind that cars are subjected to a lot of abuse from different external factors, such as harsh elements, dirt, and even smog. You need to learn some key facts about auto detailing in order for you to be able to keep your car protected and looking like new.
What is Detailing?
One of the main misconceptions about auto detailing is that it is mainly concerned about the aesthetics of the car and nothing more. This is far from true because auto detailing is not only done to improve the overall look and aesthetic of the vehicle but is also done to help enhance the protection of the car’s finish and various surfaces. Basically, detailing involves different processes, which would include cleaning of the car’s different surfaces, rejuvenating the car back to its original, or at least close to its original state, and protecting the surfaces and finishes that have been cleaned and rejuvenated.
Avoid Scratching Your Car
One of the main causes of problems for your car, especially when it comes to its finish and aesthetic, are scratches. One way that you can prolong the beauty and smoothness of your car’s finish is by simply avoiding anything that could cause scratches on the different surfaces on your car. One way that you can avoid this is by making sure that you avoid touching the surface of your car with anything that is hard or rough. If you need to wipe something off your car, make sure that you use a soft cloth. This will help you avoid dulling up your car’s paint job.
Make Regular Checks on Your Car’s Finish
Performing a regular check up on your car’s finish every once in a while can help you avoid any possible damage and problems that could arise if you did not take good care of your car’s finish. Observe how your car’s different surfaces appear, and take note of how they change over time. If they seem to worsen after a certain period, then it might be a good idea to try and remedy the situation. Anticipate the condition of your car’s finish, as it could get worse if left untreated.
Know What Materials You are Using
In order to ensure that you don’t ruin your car’s finish, you need to first identify what things you need for the detailing job you are planning on doing to your car. Basically, detailing your car would require you to purchase a particular type of wax, and buff it in a certain way to achieve a specific effect on your car’s finish, like if your car’s finish has a slight oxidation finish, then you simply need to purchase a cleaner wax to give you that showroom shine and glow.
There are so many brands to choose from it is hard to determine which brand of products to use. If you are like most detailers you will try many and find several brands for products you trust. One timeless brand is Mothers. They offer moderate priced waxes, tools, and cleaners and can be a good choice for the starting detailer.
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