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In this article, I will share with you my pro method for writing great website content for any website.

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I have written over 40 books and I know that this article can help you master one simple process to write amazing website content. I hope you find this the most helpful article for your online marketing efforts. –Harry Warrick


Writing copy is an important part of our work for our clients because it serves a dual purpose. Of course, when your potential customers click on your site, they expect to find high-quality text that meets their needs. Consequently, we write to fulfill their expectations. We also are concerned with your rankings in the search engines and write from a point of view of search engine optimization so that your website will have a prominent place based upon your keywords. As you are aware, this is a delicate balance to achieve. 


In order to achieve the high ranking we desire for our clients, we must be sure that there is an appropriate number of keywords in the website text. A common practice had been – until a short time ago – to stuff hidden keywords into web pages. This method of SEO was used to fool the search engines into believing that the web pages were actually associated with those words. However, search engines have now become aware of this inappropriate technique and ignore overloading of keywords in their rankings. We have researched and are aware of the proper placement of keywords for our clients to help them rank above their competitors. 


The positioning of keywords on your web pages is an important consideration. Keywords should, of course, be contained in the title, headings and in the overall content. Keyword density that is too low implies that your page may not be as relevant as another yet keyword density that is too high may be considered spam by some of the search engines and will be penalized in their ranking. However, the search engines do expect that keywords should be weighted higher in the page rather than lower.

%Harry Warrick - %Author Artist and Trainer Harry Warrick
You need better online results
You need more visitors, website traffic, fans, followers, and sales. Keep reading if that is true for you right now. If not have a great day. 

What the majority of businesses fail to do is address the primary needs of their customer. Think about this as the consumer of your content.
Why are they visiting your site?
What is it they are looking for?
For the majority of web users, they are online for one of two primary reasons. Information, or Entertainment.
If you want to engage with people and offer them something more than your content alone then you should provide information.
The most successful information (content) online now in 2019 is content the answers the question.
What question? The answer to that is whatever your viewer is looking for.
Online we research keywords to discover what people are searching for. A great content writer is a part investigator, and part problem solver. You must learn how to do great keyword research. I can not teach you that here in this article alone but I can point you in the right direction.
It would be easy to cover the 10 top tools to use to do amazing keyword research but in this article, I will focus on one tool.
Ubersuggest a free tool from Neil Patel is a great place to start for newbies and is worth time for old pros as well.
Here you can check keywords related to your website, or business.
In this case, let us do a quick search of the keywords or search related to home buying tips. When I do a quick search for home buying tips with Ubersuggest I find that as a keyword or search term creates 1,300 searches a month. The tool also shows that it is not a competitive search term and it rates easy for the likelihood you can rank. So putting it into easy terms you stand a good chance with an average content of ranking on page one of Google if you address this need.
%Harry Warrick - %Author Artist and Trainer Harry Warrick

Here in this graphic, you can see what I was looking at. 1,600 monthly search volume 29 for the SEO or ranking difficulty score, which is Easy.

You can also see the value of the cost per click for this keyword. Do a little math and you will find that the $5.31 that you could potentially pay for each visitor who is looking for this search term. So if you get this traffic organically or free you are saving that much for every visitor.

If you get 10% of the traffic with your website you would get 160 visitors each month, and that would save your business $849.60 in advertising costs. If you were able to be the leader for this search term you would save $2,600 a month in advertising costs. This would be capturing just 30% of the search volume for this search term or 3-word keyword phrase.

The next step after your keyword research is writing your headline. Without a great Title or headline, your entire effort will not get the free traffic you need.

You will find that many keywords are much more expensive than $5.31 for this keyword. If I was to guess the average cost for my clients to purchase clicks via Google the cost is closer to $8-12 dollars per click.

Making the math very simple if you just work with $10 a click or visit you can very quickly calculate the cost of a campaign and the money you are saving.

You also might understand why you see so many online courses today selling for $997 or more because they have to run some serious ads to get sign ups, and sales.

As a business owner SEO through website content is still king because it is very affordable.

The goal of a headline is to capture attention. That is it. A great headline captures attention and gets someone to click and read the first sentence on your page, or watch the first 6 seconds of your video.

That is its only goal.

Now you can have your goal let me share a few fill in the blank headlines for you as examples you can work with.

Look Inside To Discover How To (solve your problem)

A Rare Opportunity to Learn From An Expert – How To (benefit) Quickly And Easily

The Complete Guide To (benefit)

Great New Discovery Helps You (goal) In Less Than (timeframe)

%Harry Warrick - %Author Artist and Trainer Harry Warrick

If you need help learning to write better headlines and feel you do not have the money to hire a professional to help. You can get your hands on this book right now for free.

Headlines That Sell is the book that will help you discover the secrets to writing killer headlines that sell more, and get more clicks.

%Harry Warrick - %Author Artist and Trainer Harry Warrick

After you have your ideal headlines written and ready. It is time to prepare your content outline. This should include your idea for the best way to convey the answer or address the need.

How you will introduce the keyword(s) and where.

Your image plan, off content links, and internal site links. As a copywriter, I often include these as suggestions in the document to my customers. If writing a long article I may even share the content outline with a client prior to writing the article for their feedback.

You do not want to have to revise a 1,500-word effort because of poor communication. You could share your plan with your web designer if you do not handle your own in house web design, and you are going to be the one writing the article.

Once you have written the headlines, and your content outline ready, the next step is writing a great first paragraph. This paragraph should explain how your content will address their concern.
If this was an article on home buying tips your content might start with something like this.
Here are the 7 top tips for homebuyers in 2019. These tips will save you thousands of dollars, a great deal of time, and worry.
The formula there is a simple one. You point to a series of benefits and reasons to keep reading.
%Harry Warrick - %Author Artist and Trainer Harry Warrick

You also want to use a graphic image with your first paragraph, that works with your subject. This is to give the text and page life.

Here you can also use bold text or title tags that are H2 or H3. You want to keep your H1 title tags for a headline that includes your keyword.

This helps the search engines identify what your content is all about and it is essential.

After your first paragraph, you should start to prove that you have the solution others want or need.

Depending on your website and the keyword or phrase you are working on you may want to take one paragraph and demonstrate why you are the ideal person or source to answer their question.

You can also add credibility by adding videos that explain the content for articles, and this will even boost your SEO results since the videos themselves bring in traffic.

You will find this technique on the top sites now. Basically, you just take the finished article or webpage and make the information into an engaging video.

This also helps reduce page bounce (where someone visits the page but then leaves quickly). This is another factor major search engines like Google remotely search for to determine the value of your content for other viewers.


Make Your Content a Priority.

I certainly will.

%Harry Warrick - %Author Artist and Trainer Harry Warrick

Content is King so remember what your focus is. You want to address the need or concern of your viewer. Every visitor should leave your page feeling like their concern was completely addressed.

Your next few sections should start to dig in and provide value for your reader.

This is where the rubber meets the road. It is time to put up or shut up with your content itself.

If you run into any writing blocks you can take a break from the hands-on writing, and do a little more research.

This time the best research time is often spent with a quick review of the competition. Take a look at the middle page of Google. These are the organic or actual search results. As Google sells more space at the top of the page most organic links are farther down the page.

You should review their headlines, first paragraphs, and how they address the phrase or keyword. Look for ways you can improve what they have as an answer or a way to address the concern.

You can also look for any comments others make on blogs or social shares of that content.

What are they engaging with about the content? 

When you can answer that question and benefit from that added perspective it is time to finish working on your content.

Something no one wants to hear right now is that the longer the content, and the more completely you address the question or need, the better your results will be.

I hear from blog and website owners all the time that think they want short articles on many related topics. Instead, you are better off creating content that is so thorough and detailed that no one else can be taken as the thought leader. This will move you to the SEO ranking pole position over time. Instead of whipping your content and starting fresh, it is now best to update your existing content.

This keeps your previous links from other sites in place and allows you to maintain your primary position for your keyword.

Increase Conversion Rates

Website Content is more than just your source of traffic. It is also your chance to increase your conversion rates, and sales the way people like to be sold today.

Now more than ever people want to feel like they are in complete control, and it was their idea and genius to hire you.

%Harry Warrick - %Author Artist and Trainer Harry Warrick

The secret to the sauce here is that your article or other website content that answers the searcher’s question. Also, builds their confidence in your and your website as the professional to help them in your NICHE or area of focus.

This means they will consider you first. Also because of the same principles of sales that worked for door to door selling for years, and has worked for many industries. Giving your potential customer something they assign value to builds trust and an inner feeling that they owe you.

IE: The traveling salesman selling meat door to door. They say they are in the area and have extra meat from a large order. They offer to come in and cook you a free stake just so you can see how good their product is. They know if you let them in and they cook for you, you are ten times more likely to purchase.

What is another reason you want to make sure your content fully addresses the need or concern?

Adding value to the content by addressing the need completely and providing the best answer will also reduce the bounce rate.

Remember the bounce rate is one of the factors all major search engines watch closely. You want to keep this number as low as possible.

%Harry Warrick - %Author Artist and Trainer Harry Warrick

Reduce Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is calculated by the total number of one-page visits divided by the total number of entries to a website.

So when you finish writing your content make sure you break the content up into several directly related pages.

You can even add related content through anchor tag links in the article itself to provide clarity for your viewer.

Drive More Traffic

Killer website content has the goal first and foremost in SEO of engagement. So you also want to encourage social shares. 

With social shares of your content, you also receive the social proof. Social Proof or authority is another factor you need to consider when creating your content.

When information is helpful and provides value many will naturally want to share it. This is true for all but the most embarrassing subjects. (Sometimes people won’t share if the subject is personal).

%Harry Warrick - %Author Artist and Trainer Harry Warrick

So asking for social shares and providing the links is a part of my website content process. So is preparing the information to be shared in other ways. If you are investing the time and effort to write a great 1,500-word piece you should also plan your graphics, video content, and even PDF versions of your content to share with visitors.

Each one of these forms of your content can also be shared on many social media platforms, and be made available for your visitors.

I like having a video at the top of my content that deals with the same tips and information. 

At the bottom of the page, I offer the entire article or piece of content as a free PDF file so the visitor can read it when they like and refer back to it offline.

It is important to also create an infographic with the same graphics and content. Usually the content, for the infographic is what can be found in the summary of your article. Combined with the graphics you already used. 

Turn your traffic into loyal customers and return visitors. Don’t miss out!

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